Serenity Book

I completed reading the Serenity novel on the flight from Providence to Chicago and then from Chicago to Los Angeles. After I finished that I began reading Dirk Pitt Revealed.

Serenity Novel – This was a very good novelization of the movie as well as some additional backstory that really tied the movie with the TV show and the comic book. A very good job, not perfect but a good job. We have a signed copy of the novel that was signed by the author. Thanks again, Jen! I’d reccomend that if you liked the show and movie you should give the book a read.

Guess what, the author of the Serenity novel is writing another one, an all new adventure called Mirror Image.

Dirk Pitt Revealed – I’ve read through the introduction and the interview with Clive Cussler and some Dirk Pitt Trivia. Very interesting stuff. I loved the dream sequence where Cussler walked through a party at Pitt’s hanger and talked to some of the major players from the books and the conversation between Cussler and Pitt was priceless. I forgot how much I loved these books, such a great series, such action and adventure. Looking forward to getting into the next Cussler novel.

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