Setting up sites

Setting up sites
Photo-A-Day #1474

Still taking a few shots with my aperture wide open in aperture mode. I took a ton of shots of Duncan without a tripod and as I took more and more I realized that I have way too much camera shake. I think more and more about getting a new lens. Still thinking about it.

My sister had me set up a new site today for the Friends of North Attleboro Animal Shelter. It isn’t ready for prime time yet but soon. And I’m also working on revamping the Ten Mile River Watershed council but I need to make some more changes to make that work.

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8 thoughts on “Setting up sites”

  1. Which lense are you using? If you are using your 70-300mm you will see increased camera shake due to the longer focal length which magnifies your subject but also magnifies your camera shake. A shorter focal lenght lense will probably show less camera shake. (I am ignoring the fact that the bigger lense is heavier and the actually shaking will be slower due to the increase weight it is irrevant here) The big this is that as you magnify objects you also magnify anything going on at the camera.

    What was your shutter speed? You should be able to hand hold at 1/125 of a second pretty easily. Anything below that and you need to start worrying about camera shake. A VR lense will help reduce shaking but only gives you about 2 stops. It also does not do anything if your subject moves.

    Was Duncan Shaking? The Nikon VR lenses are awesome I have heard really good things about the 18-200VR that is a kit lense option on the D90.

  2. I was using the 70-300, fully out. I know I’m going to shake at that length however I wasn’t sure of the speed, Duncan was not moving though. I still need a new lens though.

  3. You always need a new lense. That is how camera stuff works you will always need something. My A has a huge list of stuff he needs the problem is getting it my R to approve it

  4. If you look at Duncan’s nose and whiskers they are pretty sharp so it is probably not camera shake. What is probably more of an issue because most camera’s (at least the digital ones)and some lenses compensate for shake is probably not shake but super shallow depth of field and because your lense is wide open , ( here comes a big technical term) your Circle of Confusion Criterion is beyond it’s acceptable limit.Close down 1 1/2 to 2 stops from wide open and you will realize you may not need the tripod after all. True camera shake, even on a tripod, often times comes from just depressing the shutter release if you are using a super slow speed see if they make a remote release.

    lennys last blog post..I am just lazy I need to blog more and do more on my actual SECRET PROJECT ( Starbuck’s , Marlborough, Behind Main St.

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