Shock and Awwwww

Photo-A-Day #2590

A rather quiet day today. Slept late because Andrew was up multiple times. Eva was up early as usual and we had to keep shining her on about getting up because we just could not tear ourselves out of bed. Eventually we did get up and Allison made us a nice breakfast.

After family breakfast Eva and I played with LEGO again. I did end up opening one of the Master Builder Academy Level Two Kit 4 Airplane Designer. The kit is a very nice one and of course would be even better if there was an actual box for Level Two. I had to put the bricks into a ZIP Lock bag to keep them all together. I have a bunch of sets like this too. While this isn’t a huge deal it would just be BETTER if there was a Level two box. It makes no sense that there is no Level Two box.

Eva wanted me to build the Lost Village Inn again. I didn’t but instead built some of the other things that were in the book like a door and stairs and a drawbridge. This is what the Level Three set is all about it, storytelling. Part of storytelling is creating elements of the story. Once I explained why I was building things like a door and a set of stairs Eva was down with it. We made up little scenes for Adventure man and Adventure Girl to do. Eva does like to tell stories and I enjoy using LEGO to do that together.

I finally got around to mowing the lawn. I did not need a machete to do it but I certainly was starting to feel like I would.

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