Shooting Christmas Lights at La Salette

Photo-A-Day #1707

Tonight Allison, Eva and I went with Uncle Mike to see the lights at La Salette Shrine. We’ve tried to make it over to La Salette each year so that Eva can see the lights. She really enjoys them very much. It is fun seeing how excited she is around the lights.

We went over to Bliss Bros. for dinner and there we met up with Uncle Mike. We also enjoyed coloring some reindeer and a drum while we waited for Uncle Mike. Dinner was very nice and is sort of becoming a pre-La Salette tradition for us. And we even had some ice cream. Their ice cream is fantastic too. Love the local places.

At the shrine we walked around for a bit and I took a bunch of photos of the large Nativity Scene. I actually got some really nice ones this time too. And I was hand holding not using a tripod.

We walked around inside and there was a fantastic display of many nativity sets from all over the world. There is even this HUGE display that one of the priests has been working on for years and it is on permanent display. It is beautiful. All the displays were very beautiful. We enjoyed visiting and might even try to do it again sometime before Christmas, maybe. I would like to get back there with a tripod or even do a photowalk if I can assemble a few people and find a free night. Here are the photos that I took tonight.

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8 thoughts on “Shooting Christmas Lights at La Salette”

  1. AWESOME photos! Christmas lights just aren’t the same down in Florida!! Makes me feel like I’m at home:) I found these fun glasses that you put on to look at lights and it makes them look like snowmen, Santa faces, or trees…so cute:)

    1. Mo,
      We’ll let her know. When it gets here, she’s already excitable enough. She’s loving Christmas and we are loving spending it with her. She loved Prep and Landing minus the 20 seconds with Thrasher.

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