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Photo-A-Day #1739

Today’s Photo-A-Day is of my new ShoeBox. The ShoeBox is a product of ShutterCal. Because I am one of the guest bloggers for 2010 I was given a ShutterCal ShoeBox to fill right up with my photos from 2010.

A couple of months ago I started talking to Scott from ShutterCal about some of the ideas that we could come up with to be mutually beneficial to each other. So, instead of a financial exchange we decided upon me writing a couple of posts each month on ShutterCal and I’ll get a ShoeBox and will fill it up with my 365 photo-a-day photos from 2010. I am so excited about getting my first pack of photos sometime later in February. Once I get the first pack I will be telling you all about how they came out.

As far as blogging for ShutterCal I intend to be sharing some great photo tips with the ShutterCal community. For ShutterCal I am looking to introduce as many people as I can to their great service. The focus may be on photography for the ShutterCal service however you can upload a cartoon a day, a scanned poem a day, how about a haiku. If you can turn your work into a .jpg you can upload it to ShutterCal and keep it for posterity. then you can buy the ShoeBox and have physical prints of your work to take out and share with friends and family. Think of the great artistic projects you can create.

The project that I think would be fantastic is if you have a new baby that you take a photo of the baby every day. At the end of one whole year you have photos from birth to one year old and the amazing changes that take place in your child captured for posterity. Can you imagine what thrilled grandparents that kid would have if you decided to get them ShoeBoxes for Christmas. Not to mention the fantastic keepsake that you would have for your family.

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7 thoughts on “ShutterCal Guest Blogger”

  1. I’m pretty proud of the fact that so far I have a photo for every day so far. And I’ve been a good girl and uploaded them to shuttercal! Thanks for introducing me to the site.
    .-= Look at what Alli wrote blog ..Self Portrait Sunday =-.

    1. Alli,

      So glad to hear that you are using ShutterCal and doing the photo a day thing. You take some fantastic shots and I know that the shoebox would be a great keepsake especially chronicling your boy’s lives as they grow up.

  2. I have gotten away form the 365 project I was doing (though I enjoyed doing it at the time). I need to start up again soon… thanks for the inspiration and sharing the new resource. One of the things that I kick myself about is that since the invention (and our purchase of) the digital camera, we tend not to print pictures as much. I think there is something missing when you lose the anticipation of holding the pictures in your hand, not knowing what you will get when you open the envelope form the store with your pictures enclosed. Anyone else with me on this, or am I alone?
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    1. Chris,
      I took tons of photos as a kid with film cameras. I even found some undeveloped Kodak Disk film from way back but I digress. I’m not that nostalgic about anticipating getting my photos back. I very much love digital cameras and the ability to see what you took right at that moment so that you can make adjustments if needed. It may be my overly perfectionist side creeping out though.

  3. I love the shoebox idea, and I’m going to get one for my own and fill it with cat pictures! I wish this had been around before we lost some of our kitties; I have pics of them, but most of them are on my computer. So at least now we can do this with the cats we have now (and any future cats that come our way).

    Thanks for introducing me to ShutterCal!
    .-= Look at what Christine wrote blog ..The Strange Reverting WP Theme, continued =-.

    1. Christine,
      You are welcome. I am happy to help. You can always do a memorial photo in memory of any of the lost kitties. Then you can have the photos of them in physical form too.

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