Siblings on the Playground

Photo-A-Day #2964

We took Eva and Andrew for a playdate with friends over to a playground that I recall from my childhood. It has been cleaned up and has a great jungle gym for the kids including a zipline. Eva even went and played on that a few times. I lifted her to the handle and she held on for the whole ride. I am so impressed at how well she maneuvers the playground now. She climbs so well and enjoys playing on a lot of the high stuff. I still get a bit nervous watching her as she plays and I do make sure that I am pretty close to her.

We played for a while at the playground and the kids had a wonderful time then we went to Bliss Bros. Dairy to get some ice cream. I had a Chocolate Frappe and it was incredible. I haven’t had an actual ice cream based frappe/shake in forever. All the kids had chocolate, too. And for three kids under 6 chocolate is a funny thing to manage. They were a complete mess.

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