Sid The Science Kid

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Eva is now interested in TV shows and one of her favorites and mine actually is Sid the Science Kid on PBS Kids.

The basic format of the show. We see Sid observe something and ask a question about it. It can be why breathing is important, how does your stomach break down food or where does the wind come from. Sid is a colorful show with a very predicative format.

  • Sid asks a question
  • Sid and his Mom or Dad explore that question a bit
  • Sid goes to School
  • Sid is looking for his friends
  • Sid polls his friends about his question.
  • Teacher Suzy is prepared to talk about the question that Sid has that day
    (She’s an awesome teacher who can whip out lesson plans at a moment’s notice.)
  • The kids experiment on that question
  • Sid goes home with his Grandma
  • Sid talks with his family
  • Sid gives you his ooper-dooper-schmoorper-Big-Idea at the end of the show.

I love this show, I love singing along with the repetitive parts and I like how intelligent this show treats that kids. They explore the questions that Sid has and kids are full of questions so I can see why this is popular.
You can watch Sid The Science Kid Videos on

You can extend the Sid The Science Kid experience by going online and playing at There are downloadable Sid The Science Kid coloring pages and many other fun things to do.

Check out Sid the Science Kid, a great kids show.

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