Trixie - Silver Grey Lop Bunny

This week’s North Attleboro Animal Shelter Pet of the Week is Trixie. She is a Spayed Female, Shorthaired, Silver Grey Lop Bunny. She is large and approximately 3 years old. Trixie had been adopted but was returned because the owners got a new big dog and the dog and Trixie did not get along. The dog took over her space. Trixie is a beautiful bunny with a soft thick silvery grey coat. She also has a great personality and loves to be held and snuggled. Trixie likes to be carried around cradled like a baby. She is litterbox trained and keeps her space neat and clean. She would love a bunny safe exercise yard and likes to be outside. So if you have a bunny proof house and no canines on the premises maybe Trixie is the pet for you. You can see some additional images of Trixie as well as images of last week’s Pet of the Week, Harley.

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2 Responses to “Silver Grey Lop Bunny”

  1. Ria says:

    I wish I could adopt Trixie but I know I can’t coz Iive in different continent. I have a bunny-proof house and a 2 year old, cage-free bunny who had just lost his bonded companion.

    • Drew says:

      It would be very nice if your bunny could have a new friend. I am sorry to hear that you lost his companion.

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