Singer Spotlight: Jake Armerding

The first time I saw Jake Armerding, which was also the last time I saw him unfortunately, he played the Wheaton College (he’s an alum) Lyon’s Den Coffeehouse. That was over a year ago. Allison and I loved Jake’s music and it didn’t hurt that he was joined on stage by Christopher Williams and also Zach Hickman of The Josh Ritter Band.

We picked up Jake’s self titled CD. When Little Boy Blue comes on (Track #8) we completely rock out in a folk-y acoustic sort of way. We drop the windows down and sing the song at the top of our lungs.

Jake’s music is like that. Jake’s music is also well written and makes you think. When a singer takes you to a place in your mind through their song then it touches you, it speaks to you. Jake’s music does that too.

Jake recently released a new CD titled “Walking on the World” and there are some 4 songs from the CD on his MySpace page including one you can download. That would be the title track “Walking on the World”. Jake describes the CD “Walking on the World” as:

“sort of an Americana-rock travelogue, about all the traveling I’ve done, all the countries I’ve gone to, all the adventures I’ve gotten in…Most of the songs were inspired by those trips. It’s a record that celebrates being in your twenties and having a credit card and a place to head off to. It’s about backpacks and not speaking the language and not checking your email for weeks and growing a big beard (for some of us) and learning that water, wine and beer are the only REAL beverages in life.”

Well with a description like that I don’t know why I haven’t gotten this CD yet. Especially since I travel all over the country and I can relate to “Walking on the World”.

Give Jake a listen and if you can get out and see him live, do it. That is the best way to see experience Jake. He is proficient and talented with the mandolin, fiddle and guitar.

You can learn more about Jake Armerding and listen to his music, and buy his CD’s at:
Jake’s MySpace Page
Jake’s Website

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