Skipping Stones
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We were on cape Cod for our Thanksgiving this year. Eva was the “Cruise Director” for the day and bustled around setting things up, setting the table, and even going so far as to pick out clothes for my mom to wear. She wanted everything to go smoothly and so she spent a lot of time telling us when things were going to happen. She was very excited to be a part of helping out. I just wish that she relaxed a bit and just took things as they came. It seems like a lot of high stress for a kid.

Both kids enjoyed building a Thanksgiving themed LEGO set that I picked up on my last trip over to the LEGO store for Built from Bricks and our Small Cup Challenges. They also did some coloring and we played some games together. We watched the parade, some football and I finished reading the book, The Adventurer’s Guild (amazon link). This was a book that I had received from Disney Publishing to read and review. I liked it a whole lot and really want Eva to give it a try. She did not like it as much and only got through a chapter and a half. I really hope that she continues with it later so we can talk about it.

My grandfather came for dinner, which was delicious. Mom and Dad got dinner from The Windfall and it had all the trimmings. We also enjoyed some pies and pumpkin cake and ice cream for dessert. It was a nice day.

Andrew was going a little stir crazy in the house, he just kept zipping around so I took him over to the beach to walk and look for rocks. I wanted to get some nice smooth rocks for the kids to paint with their rock painting set from Crayola. Along the beach we also picked up some flat stones to see if we could skip them as well. I tried to teach Andrew how to do it but he really wouldn’t listen. We’ll keep working on it.

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