Photo-A-Day #3005

I was driving to work tonight and I realized that today is June 30. I kept racking my brain trying to figure out why I thought the date was significant. Then it hit me, today is the day when Skylanders Giants themed 20 packs of Frito-Lay chips start arriving to stores. They are Skylanders Giants themed because there is another sidekicks promotion starting today and continuing till October 20th, a week after Skylanders Swap Force is scheduled to arrive in stores. there are four new sidekicks so I bought four bags.

The promo is a bit different this year. Last year you had to fill out a card and mail it in to get your sidekick and you had to rank in order of importance the one that you wanted. Those ones from last promotion were, Trigger Snappy, Whisper Elf, Terra Byte and Gill Runt. This year the sidekicks are small versions of four of the Giants from Skylanders Giants. They are Barkley, Eye Small, Thumpling and Mini Jini. The way you order your character is different, too. You buy the bag of chips and inside there is a code. You enter that code at When you go to the page you have to enter your age and then enter your code. Next you can choose which figure you are going to get and then you enter your shipping info and are taken to PayPal where you pay the $2.50 for shipping and handling of the figure. In 10-12 weeks the figures will be shipped. I placed an order for one of each and look forward to them arriving.

Oh and inside the bag, there are two coupons, one for $5 off a Skylanders Giants Starter pack or $10 off a Skylanders swap force Starter Pack, That coupon expires on 11/31/13. The other coupon is for $1 off a Skylanders spyro’s Adventure or Skylanders Giants figure and that expires on 9/31/13.

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2 Responses to “Skylanders Giants get Small – It’s Frito-Lay Sidekicks Promotion Time Again!”

  1. Tammy Robinson says:

    Where are the codes at. We bought a variety pack with the skylanders on the outside but no code was found nor any coupons am I looking in the wrong place? I looked all in the inside the bag but no 13 digit code.

    • Drew says:


      The code is printed on the inside of the bag. Look it over again. I didn’t find mine the first time around.

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