Skylanders Giants: Ninjini Giveaway

Skylanders Giants Ninjini Giveaway

Skylanders Giants is one of the hottest games of 2013. The most sought after figure has to have been the only female giant, Ninjini. I know that we were lucky to find her in the store instead of having to buy her from some eBay scalper. Well, I received a Ninjini figure that I can give away to one lucky reader. Check out the video below and enter to win below that.

Win a Ninjini Figure – U.S. Only

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18 thoughts on “Skylanders Giants: Ninjini Giveaway”

  1. My Favorite all time would have to be Ninjini and second favorite that’s close is spyro! Me and my family all absolutely love skylanders they are so much fun to play and we are trying to collect them all thanks for the chance to win!

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  2. Ninjini I think would be the boys favorite since I dont know the names of any of the rest,,theyve told me but theres too many for me to remember,lol

  3. the whale one but my son rarely lets me use that one. I always get scraps on the ones he does not like

  4. My boys are liking Flame Slinger right now. They have been wanting Ninjini, but we haven’t been able to find it

  5. I just adore Eye Brawl and Thumpback out of the giant Giants, but for sheer cuteness, it’s got to be Shroomboom – he shoots, he spores! Yayyyyy! Ninjini is the one who we are missing. Would make a certain 5 year old son of mine VERY happy indeed to complete his set of giants 🙂

  6. My students are always taking about Skylanders Giants. I would love to know who is the voice of Ninjini. Any last wishes?

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