Skylanders Sidekicks Eye-Small and Thumpling Arrived Today

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A month ago I found the Skylanders Giants sidekicks specially marked Frito-Lay packs. Today my first two sidekicks arrived in the mail. They are Eye-Small and Thumpling. These little guys run around with your character as you play Skylanders Giants. They don’t do anything, they are pretty cute though. I’m expecting Barkley and Mini Jini sometime later this week or the beginning of next week. Once they arrive I’m down to Lightcore Chill, Pop Fizz and Hex plus Series 2 Drobot to complete the series. I could look for the E3 figures from last year and this year but that will be near impossible. I’ve also been on the lookout for the Volcanic Vault that came out through Best Buy in Series 1. Maybe someday. Then there are the really, really rare figures. I’m not even going to bother, those are impossible without paying huge scalping prices.

With the figures that we do have I’m getting closer to getting all of the figures upgraded by completing heroic challenges. Of all the ones that we currently own I’m down to my last one to complete, Golden Flameslinger. Once he’s done I’ve got to get the other Heroic Challenges that you buy from Auric. I also need to complete the challenges in the original Skylanders with all Series 2 figures that appeared in Spyro’s Adventure.

I’m surprised that five of the heroic challenges from Spyro’s Adventure didn’t port over to Skylanders Giants. That will only affect the brand new figures. Those guys will have to do with a few less upgrade points.

I just learned that Skylanders Giants had some major, major earnings for Activision. Check out these two stats.

  • In both North America and Europe, Activision Publishing’s Skylanders Giants was the #1 best-selling console and hand-held game overall in dollars for the first six months of 2013.
  • As of July 31, 2013, the Skylanders franchise has generated, life-to-date, more than $1.5 billion in worldwide retail sales.

That is crazy! 1.5 billion since 2011. That number is just going to go crazy up in 2013 with the release of Skylanders Swap Force. And in 18 days Skylanders comes up against their very first competitor in Disney Infinity. Between Swap Force and Infinity fans are going to be the big winners, soon.

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