Skylanders Swap Force Wave 2 Sneak Preview

Photo-A-Day #3113

When I went over to Toys R Us yesterday looking for Wave 2 of Skylanders Swap Force they told me that they didn’t have Wave 2. The kid that I talked with said that they were not getting the figures at that location. He even showed me his paperwork and yet I know that the rumors on Twitter from Skylanders fans are more accurate than a Toys R Us employee’s knowledge. I decided to go and try again today. I got to the store 15 minutes after it opened and they had already sold out of a few Series 2 and Series 3 figures but they had all four of the Swap Force figures and two of the new core characters.

I walked in and went to the back and as I was walking I saw a mom with 4 figures and they were from Wave 2. I got to the back and another person shopping said to me that the figures were behind the counter. I turned and there were the guy I had spoken to yesterday. I called to him by name in my best “Dad Voice” because he had some ‘splaining to do. He said that they had the boxes all day yesterday and he didn’t even realize it. Either way I started buying whatever new Wave 2 ones they had. I was able to pick up Grilla Drilla, Boom Jet, Fire Kracken, Night Shift, Rip Tide and Scorp. So, at this time I’ve pretty much gotten every type of Swap Force character. I’m missing a character that can sneak, though.

Today I got a couple of my deliveries in the mail with a whole bunch of figures and I had pre-ordered. I still haven’t gotten the GameStop version yet. I’m starting to work on un-boxing videos and will be posting them soon.

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