Smash Hawk – A Marvel Super Hero Mashers Creation

My Marvel MashUp is Smash-Hawk

We received a couple of new Marvel’s Super Hero Machers to play with and talk about. Here’s what we thought.

We received two characters, Marvel’s Hawkeye and The Hulk. Super Hero Mashers are being sold as a single character or a single character with a Battle Upgrade. The Hulk was a Battle Upgrade figure and the upgrade was a missile launcher and a large shield like glove. Hawkeye was a single figure and he came with his bow. there are going to be 13 figures released in wave 1 which will include Spider-Man, Captain America and more. There will be 7 Battle Upgrade figures including Venom, Thor and The Hulk. When Wave 2 comes out the Battle Upgrade characters will come with additional arms.

I decided to combine Hawkeye with The Hulk in a very small way. I removed the lower legs to make him very short and kept the bow. I also used the shield and the Hulk’s right hand. I’m not sure how he’s going to pull the bow string, though.

Eva with Hawk Smash and Hulk-Eye

Each character fits with all of the other ones. The Heads, Arms, Upper and Lower Thighs and Legs come off each figure. The upper Arms stay firmly in place or rather move for posing but cannot be taken off.

Eva with Hawk Smash

Swapping parts and accessories is very simple to do. The parts fit together very easily, maybe a little too easily because some parts were not as tight as I would have wanted them to be. Posing figures is very important to me because I like to photograph my toys in fun action poses.

Eva with Hulk-Eye

Did the kids like the toys? That was a resounding yes. Eva loved the silliness of Hawkeye’s tiny head on top of Hulk’s giant body. The toys are for ages 4 and up but I sat down with Andrew, who is two, and he enjoyed it very much. This kept him occupied for about an hour which is great for a two-year-old’s attention span.

Eva was very excited about these and is looking forward to getting more of them because she loves Captain America and Spider-Man. I’d like to get all the Avengers and make a Super Avenger. I’d also like to get a bunch of villains and make a really dangerous super villain.

These toys do let the kids use their imaginations to create the type of figure that they really want to have. Whatever they can imagine they can create with these toys. Imagine The Hulk with Captain America’s Shield and Thor’s Hammer. What could possibly stop a character like that. Granted the Hulk may not be worthy of holding Mjölnir.

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  1. Smash-hawk???can’t remember this character.I am a big fan fan of Marvel not only but you can say i’m a big fan of cartoons and comics.The toy looks absolutely smashing such as the name of it.I got a big collection of the GI joe series and also got batman,superman and most of the other superhero/fictional characters of the comics and cartoons.As a collector of such things I will purchase this one also for my collection to enhance a little bit more.Hulks body+hawks head what a combo guys 😀

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