Lunch at Snappy Dogs
Photo-A-Day #4510

I took the kids up to Hopkinton to to have lunch at Snappy Dogs. Last weekend was my Company Picnic and I had been thinking about making a hot dog and topping it with some corn on the cob and lobster. I took a photo of it and tagged my friends at Snappy Dogs. They commented and told me that today they were having a special dog called the Surf and Turf Dog which would have Lobster Mac and Cheese on it. Well, I had to make sure that I got there to try it out.

Today also happened to be a day when Allison was working so I had the kids and so the three of us headed to get those dogs. Andrew likes Mac and Cheese and so he wanted one of the specials. He did not want the lobster, though. I picked out most of it for him and had it for myself. We both agreed that it was a really tasty hot dog. I liked the combination a lot. Snappy Dogs always comes up with something interesting on Fridays.

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