Sneak Peek for You: Game Time: Tackling the Past

I was one of the lucky people who was selected to screen a new Family Movie Night Movie, Game Time: Tackling the Past. This is the third Family Movie Night movie that I’ve been able to screen before its premiere. This time however I have the opportunity to let one lucky reader in on the screening before the premiere as well. That lucky Reader could be you. More details on that opportunity after my review. But before that check out this trailer to learn about the movie.

Want to know more about the movie? You can take a look at the official Family Movie Night page for Game Time: Tackling the Past.

My Review:

Allison and I watched Game Time: Tackling the Past last night. The movie centers around Jake Walker. We meet Jake as a young boy out playing football with his father and his brother and transition out to Jake as a pro football player who is “living the dream”. He’s been the star tight end for the past ten years with his team in Memphis. Jake is a fan favorite and he’s even poised to set the all time receiving yards record. Even though Jake is in the spotlight he’s still hiding something from his past. A past he’s been avoiding for nearly fifteen years. A past that is soon going to come knocking.

In the role of Jake we have Ryan McPartlin from the TV show Chuck, you might recognize him as Captain Awesome, Chuck’s brother-in-law who started the series as a one dimensional punch line and quickly became a fan favorite. McPartlin does an excellent job as Jake Walker. He has heart and he can deliver those football pump up lines with a sincerity that is needed in a film like this.

Jake’s world begins to implode with a tough set of practices and a rebuilt right knee. He’s a veteran and he’s lost a step or two but still loved by the fans. Jake’s felt that his pro team has been his family and that he’ll have a place there with that family despite his knee. While he’s worrying about this his father, and coincidentally the head coach of Jake’s hometown football team, the Riverton Buccaneers, Frank Walker, suffers a major heart attack. Jake gets a call from his brother, Dean Walker, the assistant football coach, with the news. Jake does the right thing and comes home to be with the family despite this being one of the hardest and most painful things he’s ever had to do.

Beau Bridges plays Frank Walker, Jake’s father and Riverton’s coach. He’s a beloved coach who will not compromise his values no matter what. For Frank there is no rule that can be bent, for anyone. In Frank’s absence it is up to his son Dean to take the reigns and prepare the team for their first major game of the season. Dean needs help and looks to his brother, but will Jake leave once again.

This movie could have easily played it where Jake was not even the least bit self aware. But I think that the movie did a very good job showing the human side of all of the characters and how our lives can be changed in an instant over a selfish decision, a snap judgement, hurt and disappointment. It also showed the importance of family and learning what is the most important thing in life: Doing that ONE THING (you’ll know what I mean when you see the movie).

I love inspirational sports movies. I played football in High School as a senior and it was one of the best and worst experiences of my life. It was so tough and our team lost every game but I stuck it out and did not quit no matter how tough it got. I always get sucked in by football movies and no matter how much sappy team spirit and rah, rah there is in the movie I still love it. Game Time had a bit of rah rah but at it’s core it had heart and a good cast that made the story believable.

When Can You See it?

Game Time: Tackling the Past premieres on Saturday September 3rd at 8pm on NBC. More information about the movie and the rest of the Family Movie Night Movies can be found at the Family Movie Night page and the Family Movie Night Facebook Page. But even though the movie is coming out on September 3rd you might not have to wait that long. You can enter to win a chance to get into the private screening room before anyone else and enjoy the movie with your family.

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