Snikt! I’m ‪Wolverine‬. If You’re Smart You’ll Take the ‪Pez‬.

Photo-A-Day #3026

In my most recent Loot Crate I got a Pez dispenser with Wolverine’s head on it. This coming weekend the new movie The Wolverine is coming out and I’ll be seeing it with my pal Mike. Over the past few years Mike and I have gone on a series of Man-Dates to Red Robin. Well, we are going back again and this time we’re being sponsored by Red Robin directly in the form of a $50 gift card so we can try out some Wolverine inspired items. We’re also going to be tweeting and posting photos to Instagram plus we’re giving away 2 $25 gift cards as well!

When I opened the Pez dispenser I discovered that you can visit the Pez factory and it is close to us (relatively) in Orange, CT. I think we need to do a family adventure there sometime. It would be fun for the kids, and of course, me.

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