Snow Day Fun Day

Snow Day Fun Day
Photo-A-Day #4717

Oh those snowfalls close to Spring. Today was a snow day once again. The snow just kept on falling and falling. I went out and snowblowed the driveways and sidewalks 3 times. We lost power and I hauled out the neighbor’s generator on my third snowblowing attempt. It took me long enough to haul it out, set it up, run cords to my garage and start up the snowblower for the power to be restored. On my third time out I also ran the snowblower across the street to help out my other neighbor, Tim. He was digging out the whole apartment. That’s the kind of guy he is. So, I lent a hand for a while. But, by the third time out I was compeltely spent, soaked and tired beyond anything.

In between the snowblowing sessions we watched Guardians of the Galaxy, which Eva loved! She was giggling like crazy through much of it. Next chance we get then we are doing Volume 2. I also worked with the kids to build The Milano LEGO set from the first movie. It is in my stack of Marvel LEGO sets that I have yet to open. We actually build two sets today, a Spider-Man set and this Guardians set. It was fun to build these with the kids. It was a nice snow day.

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