Snow, What Snow?

Photo-A-Day #1769

Panic in the air up in Massachusetts. All the state workers were given the day off in anticipation of the big snowstorm that was expected. Schools closed last night in anticipation of today as well. Last year there was a major snowstorm that had people stuck in traffic for hours, now if a few flakes are expected we shut down like some Southern state that hasn’t seen snow in 15 years. Snow arrived just when I was getting home from work.

The office was a complete ghost town today too. At one point I looked out at the parking garage and there was one car, one car. So, it was quiet. I popped on the headphones and caught up on the Dave Ramsey Show. I ended up chatting with a few of my co-workers about Dave Ramsey and come to find out there were some who never heard of him and some who were doing the course too.

I also caught up on the backlog of Jim Kukral videos. Jim has videos on iTunes stretching back to April 2008. I downloaded all the videos to my Droid. The Droid doesn’t have a good enough video podcasting program and so all the videos go to the gallery. The videos are all out of order, but that is okay because there are only a few sequential ones. You can watch them all in any order. Regardless the videos are so beneficial to anyone who is even thinking about making online videos. Jim shows you how simple, inexpensive and effective video production can be. If you are going to get into video on your blog you must go to That is Jim’s free video training site. Jim will teach you how to start making good videos quickly.

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4 thoughts on “Snow, What Snow?”

    1. Cindi,
      Looking outside this morning I see pretty much nothing out there. There is snow on the cars but not much else to speak of.

  1. Haha, this seems familiar to me. It’s always, when it’s predicted everyone stays home and all kind of weatheralarms are given out. But eventually, almost no snow. And when it’s not predicted you’re stuck in traffic for over 4 hours because of ironic.
    Good blog, love your articles.

    1. Frank,
      Exactly. That is exactly how it works out. For me I go to work no matter what even if it is snowing like crazy. I really don’t get bogged down on the weather. Glad you like the blog

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