Photo-A-Day #2637

This morning I toured the Pearl Meats Facility and this evening Allison and I were hanging around a fire pit with our friend and fellow blogger, Anne of Stowed, her husband Chris, as well as Diane of Dollops of Diane and Lynn of Maven of Savin’. We sat around a fire pit and made S’mores, drank wine and told stories. We had a wonderful time and it was great to chat with some fellow bloggers about our blogs and other fun stories.

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One Response to “Social Media Fire Pit Chat”

  1. Derek Maak says:

    Hey Drew, Ben, BenSpark, Drewbie (I read your about me page),

    The fire pic really makes me want to get out and go camping. I’m a die-hard fly fisherman and I love to go camp along rivers or lakes and fish all day. Sounds like a great time. My birthday is coming up so that will give me a good excuse to get away from blogging for a day and go cast flies to some wary trout…just don’t tell the wife. *lol*
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