Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty

Photo-A-Day #1731

Tonight we had a nice meal over at our friend’s Michele and Bob’s place. They have a new kitten named Daisy. She’s such a cute little kitty. Eva had a great time visiting with their kids. It was fun seeing her so excited with them. They are so cute together.

We took down all the Christmas decorations down today including the tree. That is about all we accomplished though. It was one lazy day. At one point I tried to get Eva to take a nap but ended up taking one myself. We lay down on the bed and started watching the Winnie the Pooh movie. I was out within a few minutes. Eva kept tapping me in the head asking me about the movie, I’d wake up for a couple of seconds and then fall back to sleep. Lazy Day. And we actually got to sleep all night because Eva’s aunties wore her out so she slept 12 straight hours last night.

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    1. Matt,
      I have been toying with a Cat related blog called MehCats but haven’t done anything with it yet. This would be a good one for that with that caption.

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