Solitaire Unplugged

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With Irene knocking out power for our whole neighborhood we were living life a little unplugged today. I spent much of the morning sleeping because of working the night before but that was after we had breakfast at SweetWorks. there we picked up a Pancakes and Bacon cupcake for our friend, Mike. Check this out.

This cupcake should be called the @tedmurphy

I hope that he liked it, it looked really tasty.

So after breakfast I slept. Allison and Eva spent some time at my Mom’s house. We brought our whole freezer over to my Mom and Dad’s because there was so much that we would have had to throw out. As it was we threw out a bit of food but nothing like we would have had to if we didn’t have their fridge and freezer to do some storing. We’re very grateful for that.

When I got up I cleaned up the back yard of the fallen debris. I did all of the brick and much of the front sidewalk. the rest of the sidewalk will have to wait till tomorrow.

After we put Eva to bed the rest of the food fro the freezer went over to my Mom’s. I got back to the house and Allison was playing Solitaire by candlelight. I went and got my iPad. It was fully charged and I had a rental movie on it, Funny People with Adam Sandler. I’d been hearing a lot about this movie because of Marc Maron’s podcast WTF. I think he’s had many of the comedians from the movie on the podcast (I don’t think Sandler has been on though) and so it’s been in my head to rent. The iTunes rental option really came in handy for us last night. It was nice to cuddle up on the couch and watch an interesting movie together on the very, small screen.

My Dad called last night and he told me that 30 years ago tonight was the first time that we ever stayed at our Cape house. I imagine telling Eva something like that in about 30 years about our house.

With the lights all out around the neighborhood we went outside for a while and looked up at how beautiful and bright the stars were. I can’t remember the last time I did that. It was probably on a hike that I did years ago with my aunt and Uncle.

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