Allison and I finally got to some of the shows that we had taped.

Standoff – This was an episode from last week. Matt Flannery helps to save a young woman who has been taken hostage in his home. She begins an obsessive relationship with Matt and eventually takes a hostage of her own. Emily, Matt’s partner, realizes what has happened to the woman and she talks through to a safe outcome. The dynamic between Matt and Emily gets better and better. This week looks to be a really tough episode to watch and one that is timely.

Standoff – This was a good episode. Throughout the episode I kept going back and forth about my theories of how the show would end up. It was well written. Also, the character development was great.

The Nine – Well this is probably the last episode of the Nine that will be aired. The show got pulled out of the lineup. I hadn’t realized that I taped this show last week. But I did and it was a decent episode. We learned what happened in the hostage taking between Jeremy and Lizzie. It was a big deal too. I think the show was hitting stride but just wasn’t going to work without Lost as the lead in.

The Nine – I’m really miffed that they are taking this show off the air. It’s a great story – I love the back and forth of it all. I really do.

Also this weekend Allison and I watched the Comedy Central special – Gary Gulman – A Boyish Man. The show was hilarious. Gary is obsessed with cookies and holiday weirdness. He was just so funny. I want to see more of his stand up.

Gary Gulman – A Boyish Man was a great hour of comedy. I really love Gary Gulman. He’s funny. He’s not overly vulgar or stupid, he’s just funny. Who else talks to a Nutter Butter in their comedy routine?? Seriously. It was funny.

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No Responses to “Some shows we watched.. Hs/Ss”

  1. Mo says:

    this is the first i’ve heard of the fate of The 9!! really?? that just blows!

  2. Allison says:

    Someone has not been reading Pop Candy!! Yeah – it bites! I love this show! How can I go on not knowing the fate of our friends from the Bank???

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