Special Memories with the KODAK ESP 9250 All-in-One Printer

Our family moved to a new house back in August. We had been using my parent’s printer where we used to live. So, when we moved we needed to get our own printer. Well, I had been hearing about how the inks from Kodak printers were much more economical so I contacted my friends at Kodak and asked them if they’d let us try out a printer. They sent me a Kodak 9250 All-in-One printer. This thing scans, copies, faxes, prints, reads memory cards and much more. And best of all, it is wireless! That means that instead of putting a printer in our kitchen we can place it upstairs in the office but print to it from anywhere in the house. So cool!

The one thing that I saw that really stood out beyond the wireless feature was the ability to print photos from our iPads, and now, Our iPhones using the Kodak Pic Flick app. Eva and I put this app to the test the other day when we printed out photos of all here friends from her birthday party. I had taken a photo of each of the kids with their sock monkeys and we printed out those photos to include in the thank you cards. We made a video of our using the app.

We are so happy with this printer and will, eventually, finally, someday, soon, I mean it, get more framed photos up on the walls. God knows we have the frames, now we have the printer to help us move the photos from the computer/iPad/iPhone onto our walls. There are so many ways we can do this and I’ll be posting more about our uses of this printer in the coming months.

Disclosure: As I stated up front, I received this printer from Kodak. The opinions of the printer, the app and the quality and all thing Kodak are 100% my own.

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