Speeding Ticket

Speeding Ticket
Photo-A-Day #1449

Tonight I went downtown to the Speed of Thought Playhouse. I did my weekly live broadcast for the third week in a row. I took a ton of photos throughout the night and even had some great people in the chat room, it was hard to do both at the same time but I made it work. The photos will be up as soon as I get a chance to pick out good ones.

The chat room for the live broadcast was working great, we had Keith from Ten Mile River Watershed Council. We also had Julie from Julie’s Journal and Heather from Beautiful British Columbia. They couldn’t stay long but we did have two die hards in Smilieshorts of Short Thoughts and Suzie of The $200 Mission. We had a great time chatting away while the show was going on.

I think that I’ll be making a Stickam tutorial to help people sign on easier.

Today is my sister’s birthday and we got her some Speeding Tickets. Speeding tickets are gift certs for Speed of Thought Players. She really likes improv and had a great time at the first show we ever saw here.

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