Spending Happy Time at the Hotel Felix

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The latest ing my blogging adventures has taken me to Chicago. I was asked to be part of a Roundtable discussion with other bloggers and executives from Sears (That happens tomorrow) Today was the travel day, fly out have dinner with other bloggers, stay in a cool downtown Chicago hotel and enjoy a delicious meal at a nice restaurant.

My flight was uneventful unless you count landing early and being stuck at the gate for half an hour waiting for someone to bring the ramp. Needless to say I wasn’t that happy with the airline. My travel woes were nothing compared to my friend Greg Zellars. I think her took 18 planes and a rickshaw to get to the hotel, but he made it with 10 minutes to space. I tweeted to @United but they were unresponsive. Which is funny since @USAirway was so responsive last week. And they are, of course part of the One World Alliance. God I hate their boarding procedure with two lines, seriously, who needs two lines to differentiate that some people have better tickets. It is demeaning. But that is probably because I no longer have status on anything so I am in the cattle line all the time now.

The same could not be said for TheHotel Felix . They have been extremely responsive. The Hotel Felix is where I am staying tonight and starting yesterday they tweeted to me that they were looking forward to having bloggers stay with them tonight. I tweeted to them a number of times including asking if I could possibly get checked in early so that I could catch a nap. I tweeted them a photo of me sleeping saying that I’d be in the lobby till check in time and that I snore. They laughed and were able to get me checked in early. I was very impressed with the room. I made a little video of my room and what I liked about it and put it up online.

I took a nice long nap and afterwards I met up with the other bloggers for dinner at ZED451. This was a Brazilian BBQ place and it was pretty amazing. I tried every single thing that came around to our table from Duck to Venison to Sausage and more. The food was incredible. I stuffed myself silly, had a great conversation with Stacie from The Divine Miss Mommy. We talked through dinner and had a very nice time.

I’m here in Chicago for a blogger roundtable with Sears on the Shop Your Way program that they have. I just joined it the other day and so far it is pretty cool. I even signed on to be a personal shopper for friends and family. I can look for deals, make recommendations and more. This will come in handy when people ask me, as they often do, what camera to but or what computer or TV or anything electronic or technical. I can’t wait to learn more about this tomorrow.

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6 thoughts on “Spending Happy Time at the Hotel Felix”

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  2. Hey Drew,

    Thanks so much for this post, we love the photo of Madeline and Scrappy (our resident sustainable sculptures) and had fun tweeting with you. We hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and thank you again!

    Your friends at Hotel Felix

    1. Thank you Hotel Felix, you made me very very welcome and an valued customer. The hotel was beautiful and I loved the room as you know from my video. Thanks for the shout out on your blog.

  3. Hi! Enjoy the Brazilain bbq Drew! For someone from India, the idea of a roundtable meet with other bloggers in Chicago seems a long shot but feels great to read your post!

  4. Thanks Drew for sharing this information, i would love to visit Hotel Felix, looking awesome through your blog and i’m really curious to know more about that place.
    Look at what Arjun Rai wrote blog post ..auctions in USA

  5. Please excuse my english. We i’m a new mum or dad with the kid with autism We enjoyed the way your described your calming techniques. My son only calms for me because I do similar thing with him, I have many silly voices and key terms that seem to work better than NO or other negative remarks.

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