Spending Some Pre-Baby QT with Eva

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We are a little over a week away from Allison’s due date and I figured that before the baby comes I’d spend a day with Eva doing what she’d like to do. It turns out that I spent more time with her than anticipated because Allison wasn’t feeling so well this morning (no the baby did not arrive yet, we are still on Babywatch 2011) and so I took Eva to school and picked her up. I was planning on picking her up anyway to take her for lunch and then to a park of the zoo. We had a lunch at McDonalds and she played int he playground inside. Then we went over to the Capron Park Zoo because it was so beautiful outside.

But, what Eva really wanted to do was to come home and help me put together my Optimus Prime KRE-O kit. KRE-O is a new construction toy similar to LEGO. The set is part of an upcoming SwagsGiving Giveaway and I received it in the mail yesterday. Eva saw it and immediately wanted to play with it. Knowing that I’d need some time to work on it I said we’d do it another day. Well, that was today. With the set you can build each Transformer in their vehicle and then robot modes.

There are also little characters called Kreons. The Optimus Prime set came with three of them. Eva put those together and then wanted to play with all of the tools that came with the set. These were Kreon sized tools. So as I built the figure Eva would then use a Kreon to pretend to be building as well. It took a few hours but we finally finished the Truck portion of the set. Tomorrow I’ll build the cab.

After we played we had a delicious dinner that Allison made. Mini Meatloafs (made in a muffin tin) and “Eat the Bowl” a couscous mixture stuffed inside a raw red bell pepper. It was delicious.

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7 thoughts on “Spending Some Pre-Baby QT with Eva”

  1. You are such a good Dad!! I’m glad you and Eva got to spend time together!! I hope Allison is feeling better!! Hugs to you all!

  2. Congrats on your upcoming baby, Drew! We are two days away from welcoming our third, so I know all about those last few days of waiting and trying to get everything ready. Hope all goes well for you guys!

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