Photo-A-Day #3208

My Loot Crate this month came with a Superman figure from Funko Pop. It is the Superman from the most recent movie and it looks really nice. Then I was at Target and they had a bunch of Spider-man figures (bobblehead ones) on clearance for $2.68, well I couldn’t pass that up. I got the idea of doing a sort of split face photo like it was a movie or something with Spider-man and Superman. Could be a funny team up.

Shot this with my Samsung NX300 and the 60mm Macro lens.

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2 Responses to “Spidey and Supes”

  1. The Funster says:

    Cool pictures of the Funko Pops. I like their Iron Man and the Captain America ones too. Interestingly enough though, the Iron Man Funko Pops is almost out of stock when I checked their website.

  2. I love all these Funko things. I haven’t bought any yet because I think once I start, I won’t be able to stop!
    Look at what Andrew @ Mommy’s Busy wrote blog post ..Hasbro Mixes Things Up With Marvel Super Hero Mashers

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