Second Shotz Week #4

Week #4 of Second Shotz and this week was an edit of one of my photos. This was one of my beach photos. Here are my top three picks from the week.


I really like the idea of this image on canvas.

Over populated exposure

I love the multiplication of these seagulls. That is wonderful.

SS Edit #4

I can even select one of the admins as well. Chica put this gull in the right location after all.

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4 thoughts on “Second Shotz Week #4”

  1. Yes, that last one is the Nubble lighthouse in York Beach, Maine. Mike and I were married eight years ago in York Beach, and that lighthouse has sentimental meaning to us.

    I love what Chica did with the photos!

    Christine’s last blog post..The write stuff?

  2. Christine,
    I seem to recall some posts or mentions about Nubble on your blog. I recognized that right away. We have a good friend who lives right near the lighthouse in York.

  3. Chica,
    If an edit is good I’m gonna choose it. It is so hard to narrow things down to three and to rank them, that is harder. That is probably why I don’t rank them.

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