Star Wars / Free Comic Book Day Crossover

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Today was the annual even where Comic Book stores are inundated with fans clamoring for free comic books. Free Comic Book Day is an event that we have participated in for many years now. Each year we head to Wild Time Comics to see Randy and his family and pick up some fun new books. I’ve been taking Eva to Free Comic Book Day since 2010 (I missed 2011 but Allison took her and her cousin, Amanda). Each year we’ve gone to Wild Time for the day and the event has gotten bigger and better each year. There are goodie bags and cookies for the kids. There is a balloon artist and even some comic book artists and writers signing. We get there early because of my sleep schedule so we missed a few things. Maybe some year I’ll have more time to spend at the event.

Randy gets dressed as Thor and it is funny because almost one year to the day we have a photo of Eva with Randy as Thor and it is so funny to see how little she looked a year ago. Also, last year she was Torrun the daughter of Thor and this year she went as Supergirl. Then you jump back to 2010 and she went with a dress and a crown. Her photo even showed up in the Free Comic Book Day thank you ad to the fans. Next Year I think Andrew will be at that level where Eva was for her first Free Comic Book Day. He still needs to be carried and he is all wiggly and impatient. I think next year he’ll come in costume and be able to pick out his own comics. We didn’t pick out any for him because he is at the stage where he will just rip them up.

For Eva this will be the first year where she can actually read the books herself. I’m excited to finally get a chance to sit down and read books together with her. This is her Haul.

Eva's Free Comic Book Day Haul

While we were there we met a woman who writes Strawberry Shortcake comics. Of course, right now I’m unable to remember her name. She was there with her daughter and they were looking for a Supergirl action figure. We kinda looked through the Supergirl comic books but I’ll have to look through them first to see if they are appropriate for Eva.

Andrew ended up walking away with a Mickey Mouse doll that he got from Louis the Balloon Artist because he was too young for a balloon animal.

Andrew's Mickey Mouse

We had a very nice morning and it was great to spend the time with the kids before I had to go to sleep for the day. I caught sleep whenever I could today including pretty much passing out in the car while Eva was in dance class. Allison was great as she wrangled Andrew while I helped Eva pick out her comics. As the kids get older we’ll be able to poke around more because they will require much lest wrangling. But they certainly looked cute today.

Present and Future Comic Book Nerds

Thank you to everyone at Wild Time Comics.

Hmm, we didn’t do anything Star Wars related today. May the Fourth Be With You.

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  1. Wow! That must have been such a great weekend, as a huge star wars fan, my son and hubby would also enjoy an event like that. lucky you;)

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