Here is a quote from Consumer Affairs: “For the seventh year in a row, identity theft tops the Federal Trade Commission’s complaint list, accounting for 36 percent of the 674,354 complaints received between January 1 and December 31, 2006.

That is a startling statistic. And I bet that number will continue to grow as identity thieves get more and more savvy. Your identity is at risk each and every time you enter personal information online. But not online online, suppose you were one of the people who used a TJ. Maxx credit card in the past few years. Then someone takes a laptop out of the building and has it stolen along with thousands of credit card numbers and personal information.

Fighting to get your identity back is a difficult and lengthy process. However if you have life lock then you have people who will help you. The cost is a mere $110 a year per adult and $25 per child. With that you get piece of mind that you will be protected and helped.

The things that life lock does for you are things that you could do yourself. You could also change your oil every three months yourself but why do through the hassle. Do you want to call all the credit bureaus every 90 days to put fraud alerts on your accounts? How about trying to get off all those pre-approved for credit card lists? Man I get a bunch of those junk letters each day. They are really annoying.

What if your wallet gets stolen, major hassle there. Now you have to call all the credit card companies and document companies to get everything replaced. With life lock they help you take care of all of that. This just keeps sounding better and better.

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2 Responses to “Startling Statistic….”

  1. Drew – sorry for not notifying you. I had posted a blog yesterday or so talking about leaving Entrecard because my site’s load time was hurting, it would hang up trying to load something from the amazon server Entrecard uses.

    Go ahead and remove me from the Socialcardsters list, please! I’m not going to be doing Entrecard anymore.

    In fact, if you know how to close an Entrecard account, let me know. I get 30+ ad requests a day now that they see no one is queued up. I guess people don’t read the blogs they’re going to advertise on to see if the Entrecard is even there.

    The Raging Tech’s last blog post..What Information Do You Protect?

  2. Drew says:

    That is too bad. I liked popping over to your blog each day. I’m going to have to add you to my feed reader now. I don’t know how to close out an account, might want to send graham a message about that.