In the tradition of friends who have been reading this blog and now are writing their own blogs, I present Stephen the Dog. Stephen the Dog is a blog written from the perspective of our friends Andrew (this is a formal blog post hence the Andrew) and Rondi’s dog Stephen. Stephen has been blogging for a week now. He started by leaving a message on this blog and then he began documenting his life with his A and R.

We visited A and R tonight and saw Stephen the Dog while we were there. Stephen the Dog is a sweet puppy (well he’s a dog and he is huge). We really like Stephen’s website and hopes he continues to let us know what is going on in his life. Thanks for linking to this site Stephen.

Allison and I had a good time visiting your A and R this afternoon.

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No Responses to “Stephen the dog”

  1. stephen says:


    Thanks for the kind words about my blog. I know the spelling and grammer needs work but hey I am a dog, we spend more time on sit than on phonics.

    It was good to see you and Allison today sorry I jumped up on you guys I was jsut excited to see you.

    I hope you keep reading my blog I will try to update it often my goal is daily but sometime A & R keep me busy and I can not get on the computer

  2. Drew says:

    That is okay Stephen, we know you get excited to see us. And we know that A and R keep you busy, but that is what you should be doing, you are a dog and should be busy with dog things.