Stomp… PAD #1131

Stomp... PAD #1131

The May Challenge continues as I take my boots from Exile and shoot them on the driveway. I’ve got to think of a few more ways to make these boots more interesting subjects. Maybe I will find inspiration from the rest of the people participating in the May Challenge on Flickr.

I posted my most recent guest blogging post on the IZEA Blog today, it is all about photo hosting sites. Check out the comments as people have been very informative with their opinions about photo hosting sites that I mentioned and some that I did not.

LAst night I watched How I Met Your Mother and today I watched Bones. Didn’t have time for a full on review though.

How I Met Your Mother: Everything Must Go. Another website or two, I didn’t catch the full one about the garbage bag though. The other website where Marshall and Lilly Sell their stuff is a real auction site, and the paintings are really going for $500.00. Maybe I just don’t appreciate paintings but that is a bit much. I think there are some cool show things on their as well. Other than that the episode was rather forgettable.

On Bones: The Wannabe in the Weeds, the integration of Dr. Sweets is getting better and better. He is an interesting character that I have really begun to like. He totally called that Pam woman as being dangerous. Seeley really let his guard down in that interrogation room by being sympathetic to her. That came back to bite him later too.

It looks like we have tow hidden singers on the team too. First Dr. Addy, Zach (who hasn’t had much going on this season and I sort of suspect is gormagon, sorry but I do) and then Bones herself singing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

The biggest action of the night was the cliffhanger as to whether Seeley dies or not. And I have to hand it to Fox, (just this once), they did not let the cat out of the bag as to whether he was dead or not. So next week we find out who gormagon is and suspicious run high that it is a member of the team. TV Squad does a much better job of this review this week than I did.

And here is the video for the episode.

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9 thoughts on “Stomp… PAD #1131”

  1. Hey there Drew,

    How’s it going? Glad to see that you and Allison are doing the Relay. I love that event! Love the boots photo!! Speaking of gas prices, I’m shortly going to invest in a scooter!!, gotta love 100 mpg! Guess what, I’m moving to Norton/Attleboro in June, I’ll explain… Back to following you around New England!! Hope you are all well. MPH

  2. Lisa,

    I did catch that, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he is alive. He could still be in jeopardy in the hospital room. But of course he’s not going to die, he is a huge part of the show. No way.

  3. Hi Meghan,
    Long time since we’ve heard from you. How are things going? Give me a call and we can catch up soon.

  4. This is an intervention. Get the motorcycle. All the mentions in previous posts and now a picture of your riding boots. Man, you’ve got the bug! You know you want to, so go out and do it. Besides, I’ll be off mine for a few weeks recovering from back surgery, so I need someone to ride for me. 🙂

    pete’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday 21

  5. Cynthia,

    I may have mislead you on that one. The photo challenge is through This month is the May challenge and the challenge is to photograph the same thing for a week with a new thing each week. This week is shoes. Last week was automobile. Participants take the image each day and post it to Flickr and tag them maychallenge2008. So it is not through flickr but rather which is run by Trevor Carpenter.

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