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For a few years my Dad and I have toyed with the idea of setting up some shelves for the kayaks in the back of the garage, on the outside wall. We would like to put the boats up onto shelves that have little rollers on them so that you can slide the boats in and out.

I know that major manufacturing places have steel buildings, forklifts and all sorts of ways to store the boats. But we are looking for a much smaller scale in our own backyard.

However if I ever hit the lottery I am going to get my own steel building and buy one of every kayak I can find, live on a lake and spend the rest of my time kayaking in each boat and writing detailed reviews of the ins and outs of each of those boats. But, if some company wanted me to review their boat I would certainly be up for getting on the water to demo and then review.

For now our boats are on the second floor of the garage handing off hooks from the rafters. It is kind of a pain to get them down because you need two people. How do you store your boats?

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8 thoughts on “Storing your boats…”

  1. “How do you store your boats?”

    Good question! This is my first year with one, and it’s stayed on my grandfather’s beach all summer (on Lake Champlain), but I’ll probably be stopping by and picking it up tomorrow, and then figuring out what I’m going to do with it. Maybe I’ll hang it under my parents’ deck, I just don’t want squirrels or raccoons deciding to make it their home, and then chewing through it, etc.!

  2. If you can somehow suspend it above the ground through the grab loops on the ends of the kayak and put a cockpit cover on it you should keep it well of the elements.

  3. Hmmm… cockpit cover, eh? Hadn’t thought about that… I’m a cheapskate, so I’ll probably not buy one (never even thought of that being a product anyway). Maybe some bungees and a tarp will do the trick? We’ve got a long winter up here, and I’m not so worried about the weather, just concerned about animals busting in there when they come out of hibernation, and then chewing it up. I should be able to hange it somewhere that they won’t likely go though.

    Thanks for the tip on the cockpit cover!

  4. I have read your questions and comments on how to store a kayak. I have done a lot of research on this topic and from my own experience I put together a web page that you may want to take a look at

    Suspending your kayak through the grab loops can/will distort the hull (unless you are speaking of whitewater kayaks – the rules are different)The weight of your boat should be balanced and stored on it side, the strongest part of the kayak near the cockpit. Hope this helps.

  5. While distortion has not happened to my boats in the slightest by storing them the way that I do, I can see how your method and your product would be useful.

    I’d be happy to write a full on review about the product if you’d like to send me one, or use my PPP direct button. Thanks.

  6. Just in case you should know that you can get really small steel structures and could easily attach your kayaks to it just use many soft straps or safety belts from your local scrap yard to suspend it.

  7. While you did not adhere to my comment policy. “Using a keyword as a name” your comment has some merit and is a useful tip. thanks.

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