Story Time for Me

Eva and I have been reading stories through the online site called It is a really unique site that has interactive storybooks for children. There are cute characters who have different adventures. There is Ben the Mouse, Fern the Fox and Flame the Dragon. Each of these characters is part of their own storyline. Each storyline is for different age levels.

Fern the fox is a series about a fox named Fern and is intended from children from 1-4. The pages have few words and the stories are read quickly. There are also highlighted words that are hyperlinked to images to explain what the words mean. You can read the book to your child or you can have the book read to them automatically. Eva and I have done both of them. I’ve read some books and I’ve let the books be read to us together. There are 27 books in the series so far.

Ben the Mouse is a series that Eva enjoys most. This is about Ben, a little mouse who goes to school and has lots of friends. This series is for children from 4-8 years old. As the book is read aloud by the narrator each word that is read is highlighted. This allows the child to associate the word they are hearing with the word they are seeing on the screen. There are 24 books in this series so far.

Flame the dragon is a new series that is for children from ages 1-4. The series has one story so far all about how a young girl named Mimi finds a little baby dragon. There is one book in the series so far.

Pricing for the books is really decent too especially if you buy 50 of them. For $59 you can get 50 of the books in your library. The animated illustrations are cute, the stories are nice and both Eva and I have enjoyed them very much. Go Check out for more info.

Disclosure: I was given credits to build my own library of books to read with Eva. The opinions are my own.

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