StoryLand Adventure

Photo-A-Day #2693

We took the kids to StoryLand yesterday and today. We were there with Allison’s Parents as well as her brother and sister-in-law and their kids. It was nice for Eva to spend time with her cousins and also enjoy a place where she could enjoy being a kid. I went to StoryLand many times as a kid because we had a house up in Wakefield, NH. We’d go up for two weeks every summer and we’d hit StoryLand and Santa’s Village and other fun places. It was nice to bring the kids to StoryLand for the first time.

The day was a nice one and we couldn’t ask for better weather, too. We started with a ride that got us all wet and were able to dry throughout the day. There were some shows like a mixed up fairy tale one and also a circus. We watched both of them and Eva loved them. She got to participate in the Fairy Tale Fiasco, too.

The day was a nice one and as we left Eva wanted to hit the gift shops because she saw something that she wanted to get for me and for herself. They were Viking Helmets. She was so excited that she could but these for us so that we could wear them while watching How To Train Your Dragon. She’s going to flip out when she finds out that there is a new show on Cartoon Network based on the movie called Dragons. We’ll get plenty of use out of those helmets, it think.

The drive home was a LONG one. I don’t know how the drive up could be so quick even with multiple stops but getting home took a very long time. It wasn’t a bad drive, just a long one. The kids were worn out and Allison and I were tired but happy about the time we were able to spend with her family. We look forward to going back to Storyland in the future when Andrew can enjoy it more too.

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