Styling Fridays with the Little Man

Photo-A-Day #2947

Wednesdays are all about time with Eva and Fridays are about time with Andrew. Both revolve around swimming lessons. Andrew has been in swimming lessons for a few months now. It is pretty much an introduction to the water, there is very little actual swimming going on. Andrew likes the water very much. He’s always trying to drink it. I move his arms and feet to make him scoop and kick. He fights me on both. What he does excel at though it climbing out of the pool. He does a very good job of pulling himself up and out of the pool to do jumps. Jumps consist of me counting to three and catching him as he steps off the side of the pool or me grabbing him and making him “jump” into the water and then spinning him around to climb out again. He does like that and also the little floating ducks. He’s completely stone faced when our teacher comes to talk to him, he doesn’t engage with her at all. Well, he did grudgingly give her a high 5 today.

Andrew’s outfit today along with his necklace makes him look like a tiny gangster on Miami vacation.

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