Photo-A-Day #1524

Loved the look of this lily in the yard. Love the rich red color of it. The problem I have with the photo is that it is overexposed and everything I tried to do with it made it worse. So this one here is my best effort. They can’t all be winners. Sometimes we learn in our shortcomings.

Just to remind you, Allison, Eva and I are walking in the Relay for Life on Friday and we are trying to raise $500.00, we are $295.00 away from our goal. Help with a $25 donation and get a review from me on this blog.

ON-GOING LINK - Carry-Ons Under $100!

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2 Responses to “Sunburst”

  1. Grandfather says:

    Drew, I will pledge $50.00 to you for the Relay for Life. Right now I think I’ll be in Falmouth, so good luck with the walk.

  2. Drew says:

    Thanks for the pledge Dad!

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