Sunday Funnies

I read many blogs and I found this one by Alex Barger. On his blog Cruzinthegalaxie is a pretty funny one and I wanted to make sure I gave him credit for this. Here is this image.

Amish Gas

Funny and ironic all at once.

I had my first Guest Post on Average Dudes posted. It is the Dumbass’s Guide to Air Travel.

My profile for IZEAFest has been posted. I took that photo too. Very artsy.

I just saw the Best Buy Flyer and as I has suspected the Aerosmith Guitar Hero 3 game will come by itself or with a special edition guitar. I am glad I waited. You can pre-order the game or game plus guitar package.

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies”

  1. Cirtex,
    Well for one thing, the Amish don’t like their picture taken. And another it is more of a tough guy stance than an angry stance.

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