Sunday Open houses

So today Allison and I along with my Dad went to a couple of open houses. We saw a small model condo in North Attleboro. It was a very nice small condo however it was certainly too small for us. Then we went to a very interesting condex in Bellingham on a lake. That was a nice location; however, it just wasn’t for us.

In the afternoon we went over to a three floor condo in North Attleboro that we really liked. It was very cute. Mom and Dad came along to check it out with us. Now if we can find a rich benefactor…..

Tonight Allison and I and Tara and Erik went and saw The 40 Year Old Virgin at the Route One Cinema Pub. A very funny movie. Could have been a bit less vulgar overall (A little vulgarity is fine, I am not easily offended it just made the point of juxtaposing the views of the guys vs Steve Carrell’s character.) Overall the message was a very good one. Don’t get me wrong we laughed like we were gonna pee ourselves.

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