I can clearly remember getting my first LEGO set. I was 5 years old and it was a set that you could use to make a ton of different things. One thing that you could make was an 18 wheeler. I remember getting out the book and painstakingly creating that 18 wheeler and having such a great time. I still have the set to this day and take it out once and a while to play Lego with Eva. She absolutely loves playing LEGO with me and I am all about encouraging her creativity with the LEGO bricks. So, when I learned about the LEGO Master Builder Academy set at Time to Play’s Holiday Showcase I knew that I had to get a set for SwagsGiving and share it with my readers.

The set is just a portion of what the Lego Master Builder Academy is all about. I wish that something like this was around when I was a kid because it would have been something I would have done every single day and I may have even become a Master Builder myself. I am sure that some kid who is 8 years old right now and who gets this set will be so inspired that they will study and become a future Master Builder.

The set comes with 178 pieces, an exclusive LEGO minifigure and tips and tricks from the LEGO Master Builders themselves. The tips and Tricks are found within the Designer Handbook. but the experience goes beyond the book to an Online Workshop area where your child can learn even more from the Master Builders, they can share their creations and their builds, learn and interact.

The set that I am giving away for SwagsGiving is the Kit 1-Space Designer set. This is the initial set that you can purchase to start your own journey with the Master Builders. This set gets you in. Then you can purchase a subscription for sets 2-6. There are two more Level one sets and 3 Level 2 sets. The two additional Level One sets include a microbuild set and a Robot set. Then you move to Level Two where you get the Flight Set, The Creature Set and the Auto Designer set. Each set is only available through this subscription service and each set offers another Designer Handbook with even more tips and tricks from the LEGO Master Builders.

If you’d like your little future Master Builder to be able to create amazing LEGO projects then enter to win below.

Please use the rafflecopter widget and follow all of the directions. The first direction is to leave a comment on this post (scroll to bottom to the comment section) after you’ve visted the LEGO website and then tell me what LEGO set you would love to have. Then click the “I did this” button on the rafflecopter widget. You can gain more entries by doing other tasks after that. But you must do the first steps to enter.

Disclosure: I received a copy of a LEGO set to review and blog about and a copy of the LEGO Master Builder Academy set give away as part of the SwagsGiving Event. My copy of the LEGO Master Builder Academy was actually a present from my parents to me and Eva. Opinions about the toy are 100% my own.

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40 Responses to “SwagsGiving 2 Giveaway: Lego Master Builder Academy Set”

  1. Jessica says:

    we love the mini figures!

  2. April Barber says:

    We have a lot of the City set, we really like it.

  3. Christopher Sorel says:

    My son and I have been getting star wars sets. Now he was this huge ship from the pirates movie.

  4. Kelly M says:

    My boys would FLIP for this set! my 7 yo loves to follow the instructions step by step. my 6 yo likes to create on his own. Perfect giveaway – love, love, love it!

  5. Brian W says:

    I think the Star Wars advent calendar looks like fun!

  6. Ada Miller says:

    I like the Lego City Space Set.

    aemgeg4 (@) yahoo (dot) com

  7. Buck Rogers says:

    I love Legos, my daughter and build one a week

  8. DEBIJOT says:

    Legos Pet Dhop

  9. Falcon. Falcon, Falcon, Falcon. The Lego Star Wars Millenium Falcon is the ultimate in Lego for me.
    Look at what Daniel M. Clark wrote blog post ..Milestone – Geek Dads Weekly #100

  10. Christy says:

    Legos have scarred me for life. When I was in third grade, I took a Lego CLASS. The entire group spent all summer building this incredibly complex Lego city. With about 2 days left in the summer, I tripped and knocked over about a third of the Lego city. All the other kids hated me. *sadness*
    Look at what Christy wrote blog post ..The severed heads of Asian men will adorn my new home

  11. Kate says:

    Jacob loves legos!! He has almost of the Creator set. He is hoping Santa brings the LightHouse Set this year. I think he would really love this Master Building Academy Set too!!

  12. Vickie Couturier says:

    police station an cars


  13. Mo says:

    I LOOOOVE Legos!! I’m a VIP Member…card carrying! I love the Star Wars and Harry Potter sets.

  14. Jim Beeghley says:

    My kids love Legos. I’m fond of any of the Harry Potter Lego sets and love the video games. 🙂
    Look at what Jim Beeghley wrote blog post ..4 Cool Civil War Apps for your iPhone/iPod/iPad

  15. George says:

    I really like the Pharaohs Quest sets

  16. Lauren says:

    I like the harry potter castle set

  17. I love the city – especially the transport station- so cool!!!

  18. jonathan landry says:

    I like the fairy tale and heroic figure set. I’m into silly wizardry stuff with knights and castles…you know things that I probably should have outgrown, but haven’t.

  19. Noah says:

    I would love to have the black pearl!!

  20. Noah says:

    I would really love to have the black pearl!!

  21. Joshua H. says:

    I want the Lego Heroica Fortaan game.

  22. Mindy S says:

    My son has been asking for Lego City sets and would love the Space Center set.

  23. Michele says:

    We have so many sets at home! Nathan’s new favorite is Lego Sponge Bob set.

  24. […] toys to choose from. Eva is very partial to the building toys like the KRE-O Optimus Prime and the LEGO Master Builder Academy Sets. I pulled out my original set of LEGO bricks along with some bricks from the Arctic set and […]

  25. Todd M says:

    Fun Stuff!

  26. Anna says:

    The police station is the coolest thing there!

  27. Angela Maa s says:

    I am loving the pet shop! Wow! Where was this stuff when we were kids?

  28. Brendan says:

    Favorite Lego set: Lego Star Wars Death Star. My nephew has it, its huge and just flat out awesome.
    Look at what Brendan wrote blog post ..Indoor Base Training Part II

  29. Michelle Dippel says:

    Fav : Ninnago … my son’s really into the masters of spinjitzu

    (littleangel_mw at yahoo dot com)

  30. […] I chose a LEGO photo today because tomorrow is the last day that you can enter my SwagsGiving giveaway for the LEGO Master Builder Academy set. […]

  31. Sophie G says:

    I think my boyfriend would love something from Pharaoh’s Quest!

  32. Debbie jackson says:

    love the starwars and bulding sets

  33. Dad of Divas says:

    I really like the Ninjago sets right now
    Look at what Dad of Divas wrote blog post ..Cabbage Patch Kids ( @cpkusa ) Are Back and They are In Style! #Giveaway

  34. Steph T says:

    How adorable is that Lego Atlantis series?

  35. Crissy D. says:

    I really like the whole Harry Potter series, but I like Diagon Alley the best
    Look at what Crissy D. wrote blog post ..durstslovepens: Happy Hockey is Back Day!!! Good Luck Sidney! #LetsGoPens

  36. Denise says:

    The Star Wars sets are amazing!

  37. Jill L says:

    Right now it is the VW camper. I would love to get it for my son.

  38. Andy says:

    That things looks awesome

  39. […] we went yesterday and bought a bunch of our favorite stuff at Target. We picked up Transformers, LEGO, HEXBUG, KRE-O, Sky Ball, Littlest Pet Shop, My Little Pony, Bizu, Hot Wheels, Tinkerbell, […]

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