Uno Roboto

A brand new twist on a family favorite. UNO is one very loved game and nearly everyone I’ve ever met has played it. If you are going on vacation it is so easy to drop a deck of UNO cars into your bag because you can play anywhere. Now UNO has an all new Wildcard. I’m happy to introduce my family to UNO Roboto!

UNO Roboto is fast, fun and full of surprises. Each player records their name into UNO Roboto and then it is time to record a “House Rule”. I’ve never played with house rules before but this was fun. You can record something like everyone has to touch their nose and the last person to do it has to pick 2 cards. Now that the names are recorded UNO Roboto picks the first player and play begins. You play UNO as you normally would but occasionally UNO Roboto will stop the game play and ask a player to do something special. Two players may have to duel it out and the loser picks up some cards. A player may even be asked to discard all the cards of a particular color or even pick up cards until they get a particular color. UNO Roboto is unpredictable and really fun. We’ll be enjoying this on many family game nights to come.

If you’d like your own UNO Roboto then enter to win below.

Please use the rafflecopter widget and follow all of the directions. The first direction is to leave a comment on this post (scroll to bottom to the comment section) after you’ve visted the UNO Website and tell me what UNO house rule your family has. Then click the “I did this” button on the rafflecopter widget. You can gain more entries by doing other tasks after that. But you must do the first steps to enter.

Disclosure: I received a copy of this toy to review and blog about as well as give away as part of the SwagsGiving Event. Opinions about the toy are 100% my own.

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19 Responses to “SwagsGiving 2 Giveaway: UNO Roboto”

  1. Justin says:

    I haven’t played Uno in forever!

  2. DEBIJOT says:

    We don’t have a Uno house rule, we have not played the game yet.

  3. Vickie Couturier says:

    our house rule when playing is to not get mad


  4. Max says:

    One is one of those games that have accompanied my childhood .. I love it. A secret? I always have a deck of cards in the car … to while away a few hours in the company of my family whenever possible 🙂

  5. Ada Miller says:

    we dont have a house rule..i also havent played uno in forever,but with this it looks like it would be very easy for our boys.

    Also wanted to let you know that i received the air holg hyper active car that i won from your giveaway not long ago. That was super fast shipping & thanks!

  6. Ada Miller says:

    Also i cant get the link to work for the Google+ liking post entry. The link isn’t click able & i have copied into my search bar & still nothing.

  7. Anna says:

    I must look for my Uno, I haven’t played for ever and I think my kids will have it. Thanks for the idea:)
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  8. The last time I played Uno was with my cousins who are very competitive…so I would say my house rule is you get what you get and you dont get upset!!!! 🙂 Dont be a sore loser!
    Look at what Marybeth Rippberger wrote blog post

  9. Mo says:

    House rule is do something to annoy Peggy:) It always makes for a more entertaining game!! Haha!

  10. Hilywatson says:

    UNO…its new to me as I not much interested in it but would like to check more in depth as there are many in my family who are crazy behind such stuff.

    Thanks a lot for this.
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  11. LA SEO Guy says:

    I remember UNO! Looks like this little robot will introduce the game to a new generation.
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  12. joy tetreault says:

    UNO was probably my favorite game when I was little … this looks awesome! Fake UNO cries are a BIG no-no in this house!

  13. Anna says:

    I haven’t played for about 15 years…ask me after I win…. 🙂

  14. Michelle R. says:

    Our house rule is you play the whole game or you don’t play next time.

  15. Cherie Corey says:

    I guess it would be the normal one of the person has to yell uno when they are down to one card, if not they have to draw 7 cards from the pile. Then usually no one really realizes if they have a particular house rule, until people from other households come together to play. Thats when you realize not everyone plays by the same rules or It is always so funny to even comprehend that someone else might play it differently than you do..
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  16. Mindy S says:

    I haven’t played this in years and I hate to admit this, but my children have never played it. They are 6 & 8 so I guess it’s time to introduce them to UNO fun.

  17. Amanda says:

    UNO is a FAVORITE in my house. My daughter is a wiz. I can barely ever beat her. We’d love to try out a new version. Thanks for the opportunity.

  18. Adrienne says:

    We LOVE Uno in our house and Charlotte has taken to it so quickly. No special house rules for regular Uno. However, for Uno Moo the house rule is that you can’t feel the animals to try to purposely pick up skunks. 😉

  19. Cherie Corey says:

    Ugggg figures I would get side tracked and not finish.. 🙁

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