Sweet Suite 2017 – Show Floor & Swag Haul

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This morning I was up early and headed to the Providence Train Station to catch the train down to New York city for Blogger Bash and Sweet Suite 2017. Sweet Suite was my main objective for Blogger Bash. I attended last year and it was a lot of fun. I felt way more connected and involved last year, however. This year I was a bit detached. I arrived early and walked to my hotel, Yotel. I love to stay at Yotel because it is a very cool place. I love the simplicity of the rooms. The room has everything I need and nothing I don’t.

I just got a new laptop the other day and so I was itching to see how well it would capture gameplay. I knew that the Yotel rooms had flat screen TVs that would have HDMI inputs. What I didn’t know was that they were not accessible. This is something that hotels should be aware of and make available to their guest. When we were at Pollard Brook having accessibility to the HDMI connection was key so we could use the Google Chromecast to play movies. At Yotel I wanted to connect my Nintendo Switch to the TV so I could test gameplay capture.

I was able to connect after taking the TV off the wall and finding the connection behind the TV. I even dusted for them.

After hanging at the hotel for the afternoon and getting some work done I was able to check in and decompress a bit. Then I walked from the hotel 20 blocks to Pier 60 for the Sweet Suite Event. It was a bit hot but I was travelling light: 2 Phones and a charger.

Sweet Suite is a great event. I enjoy it immensely. It gives me time to meet up with those great contacts that I have worked with over the years on Toy reviews, giveaways and donations. For me, this event is a great way to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. There were many nice people that I met and also some of the nicest folks I’ve ever worked with at the event. I had a great time visiting everyone. I captured a bit of it in today’s video but to be honest I spent more time talking and less time focused on the toys. I can focus on the toys in the coming weeks and months.

After the event I walked home and then worked on some gameplay capture until late.

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