Swing Time

Photo-A-Day #2461

Even though it was cold today Eva and I took a walk over to Capron Park to go to the playground and to the zoo. The park was empty so Eva had the run of the place. I had to pull her away to actually go into the zoo. She just loves the playground and she is getting so much better at climbing on the playground equipment. I am still right behind her because she does try to do more than she is able to do and she’ll just step out into the air.

Eva also loves the swings. She insists on going on the baby swings. She’ll go on the other swings as well but she loves the baby swings more.

The zoo was empty but we enjoyed walking around none the less. The snow leopard was pretty active today, too. Also, my favorite animal is the Fennec Fox. They are adorable and when they are active they are so fun to watch.

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