Photo-A-Day #1280

I took Eva for a walk today and while we were walking I was thinking of places that we could go so I could take more photos of her. I remembered that around the corner from us was a little park that had a swing set. I figured that they would have one of those baby swings so I brought her over. Sure enough they had one and I placed Eva in it and gave her a small push. She wasn’t sure what to make of it at first but after a while she was all about the swing.

I realized later that I had done this without Allison along. She had purposefully not put Eva on the swings so that I could be there when she went on her 1st time. I had forgotten about that an assumed that she had put her on the swings since then. I was wrong. Ugh. Allison was cool about it and I will show her where the playground is so she can take Eva there too.

I finally got my itinerary for next week. I hope and pray that the trial is done by tomorrow because that could really toss a giant wrench into everything. I’m scheduled to stay at the Omni Hotel. I’ll be flying out to LA on Tuesday October 14 and Back the night of Wednesday October 15th at 10:30. From noon to 7:00pm I am free and would love to hang with some bloggers or photographers or both in LA on Wednesday.

What will I be doing Tuesday. Well, first off I’ll be meeting with the other winners at the hotel at 1:00pm. Then we head over for an hour roundtable with Spike Lee at another hotel. Then a late Lunch at 4:00pm. Back to the hotel for some online time and to get ready for the Premiere. I have no clue what to wear for this. I’m a jeans and T-Shirt guy. I don’t fit in for movie premieres, or at the very least I can’t think of how to dress for one. We get to the Premiere around 7:00pm. I guess we’ll have a private screening room with internet access so we can live blog during the event. That will be pretty awesome. I’ll try and provide you with everything I can about the event in as real time as possible. So if you are not already subscribed to my blogs, or following me on Twitter, Utterli, Zannel or Facebook, I suggest you get to following as I’ll be bringing you video, audio and photos along with blog posts throughout the event.

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