With all the different types of accounts and promotions out there I wonder if I should switch my account. Allison and I have had the same Bank accounts for a while now and with the interest rates coming back up I think we should find some better Savings accounts to get some better interest. And if I keep doing well with the online business I should probably look into getting myself a true business account but I don’t think I will ever reach the status where I would need any offshore bank accounts. The thing I want so much is to do online bill pay and automatic direct deposits. Now If I could just bring in some more money that would be very sweet indeed.

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2 Responses to “Switching to a new bank”

  1. Fez Travel says:

    I think you should consider that option. The banking system has a lot to offer nowadays. It would be bad to miss those perks. I’m also thinking of having a joint account but still need time in weighing the benefits.

  2. Drew says:

    Well we have a joint account and each have checking accounts but I should look to see if our money can work harder for us.

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