Subway Surfers in Paris - Street Art - Complete

SYBO Games Subway Surfers Inspired by Street Art in Paris, Commissions Mural

Subway Surfers in Paris - Street Art - Complete

The Team behind Subway Surfers has been hard at work on a new update to the game. The Subway Surfers are heading to Paris this Valentine’s Day and because of that SYBO Games decided to have something created as a thank you to the city of Paris for the inspiration. You can see the mural above. It was done by Beautify Earth and it has a great message, liberté égalité amour which translated means Freedom, Equality, Love. You can read more about this mural and Subway Surfers below.

SYBO Games Partners with Beautify Earth Reveals Stunning Mural To Say Merci For The Inspiration

PARIS – February 14, 2018 – As Subway Surfers, the world’s most downloaded mobile game with 1.8 billion total downloads, reveals new gameplay set in Paris this month, SYBO Games will unveil and dedicate a distinct mural to the city and its fans.

To illustrate the city’s influence on the Subway Surfers world while paying tribute to Paris’ iconic urban street-style, SYBO commissioned Beautify Earth, to design and create the mural which prominently reads “Liberte, Egalite, Amour” and echoes the street-style art vibe of the brand. The mural adds a new, cool aesthetic element to Rue Henri Noguères – Paris 19.

Subway Surfers in Paris - Street Art (in progress)

Dedicated to making the world a brighter, more inspiring place, Beautify Earth has brightened blighted walls and fixtures by empowering artists, encouraging social responsibility, across the world.

“Time and time again our fans have asked us to revisit Paris. We are listening and turning it up a notch!” said Daniel Persson, Head of Games, SYBO. “We wanted to give something back to the city in an altruistic super cool way! Street art in Paris is incredible and has always served as an inspiration and brand value to us. This mural is just one of the many ways we say, Merci Paris.”

Subway Surfers in Paris - Street Art (in progress 3)

The latest iteration takes the Subway Surfers world tour to the City of Light, just in time for Valentine’s Day. In addition to the ‘Amour’ mural, where visitors will have access to a custom Snapchat filter created especially for the artwork, SYBO will release a love-themed playlist with a selection of songs sourced from the Subway Surfers community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The mixtape will be released on Valentine’s Day through SYBO’s Spotify account and social platforms.

When Subway Surfers arrived on the mobile gaming scene in 2012, SYBO introduced the world tour concept; each month the endless runner game travels to a new city with its key characters Jake, Tricky and Fresh. Subway Surfers has visited more than 43 destinations, many times revisiting the same place.

The mural dedication to Paris is among the first initiatives by SYBO to bring in-game content into the physical, real life world.

“Paris offers a beautiful landscape to enhance the Subway Surfers experience,” said Naz Amarchi-Cuevas, Head of Licensing, SYBO Games. “Our game’s iconic landmarks fused with
the city’s beauty and snug atmosphere rejuvenates the property and overall brand perception.”

In the latest game iteration, players will find all things Love and Paris, including characters, outfits and boards such as a mime named Coco, Sweetheart Board, Rose Board and a Jester outfit. Additionally, the two million-plus fans who play the the weekly in-game hunt will find a heart-shaped chocolate box as the chosen asset.

In another show of love to its fans, SYBO will also reveal a short look at the creative process involved in producing its upcoming animated series. Slated for release this coming Summer with 10 x 4 minute episodes, the animated shorts will be followed by a long form series of half- hour episodes. It will give fans a chance to get to know the characters they’ve seen within the game and to delve into the world in which they live. Within the Subway Surfers Universe nothing is quite as it seems…or is it?"

Subway Surfers is available on Google Play, Apple’s App store, Windows 10 and Amazon.

About Beautify Earth
Beautify Earth is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission of eliminating urban blight, by “painting the world in color,” and reimagining every bland wall into a canvas for inspiring urban creations. Empowering artists, businesses, communities, and municipalities through action, Beautify Earth believes the transformative power of art further inspires, motivates and instills pride in the community. Increased business revenue, massive community participation, and the “stop-and- look” effect of murals help to stimulate the local economy. BE continues to show that when art becomes the norm in place of urban blight, the world is a happier, more colorful, and peaceful place. More information at and follow on Instagram @beautifyearth.

About SYBO Games:
SYBO Games is a Danish mobile games developer founded in 2010, known for the massive mobile hit Subway Surfers (published by Kiloo). Five years since the launch of the mobile game, Subway Surfers topped 2017’s most downloaded mobile game in the world. Subway Surfers has been downloaded more than 1.8 billion times since its launch in 2012, with multiple titles for both iOS and Android. To find out more please visit

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