A dog licked my lens….

Mr. V. isn’t he awesome!

Today I went to the local High School and took a bunch of photos for the annual fund raising event for the local animal shelter, Strut Your Mutt. I had not been to a Strut Your Mutt before but my sister, Tara, has been a big supporter of the event for years. She puts together baskets and helps with the set up and she goes with Taylor so Taylor can visit her Day Care Friends. Doggy Day Care that is. It was a very fun event, however the weather was not that cooperative.

I took my camera and a bunch of my business cards with me and took a ton of photos of people and their dogs. Something I noticed, people love to be photographed with there pets so it was very easy to walk up to people and ask if I could take a photo of their dog and then ask them if they would like to be in the photo as well. If something comes out of this for my budding photography career then cool, but if not I got some really fun experience and some nice shots.

You can see all the rest of them at my Strut Your Mutt set on Flickr.

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