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I’ve been tagged by Camping Coop.org for this meme called Seven Random Facts List. I guess this means random things you don’t know about me.

* 1. I am afraid of heights
* 2. I love to Hike and walk out close to the edge of the mountain despite a fear of heights.
* 3. I almost died 3 times my freshman year of college while on Alpine Club activities. White water rafting, hiking on Mt Osceola and climbing the side of a waterfall.
* 4. I had a panic attack while attempting to learn the Eskimo roll.
* 5. I want my own home on a lake with a garage full of kayaks.
* 6. I try sports after reading about them.
* 7. I didn’t kayak at all last year.

Now I have to tag 7 people, but I can only come up with 4.

We’re in a Fight
Stephen the Dog
Sparky’s View
Autumn’s Space
Jack at Life With Google

Anyone else want to be tagged? Leave a comment.

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4 thoughts on “Tagged by Camping Coop”

  1. Hello Ben, it’s my first visit to your blog. nice 🙂

    about the camping coop.com you wrote on this post, i think you have miswriten the link. it’s screw up 🙂

    oh btw, i have submitted your blog to likesimon blog list here.

    if you want me to change your data there or want to add more blog, please feel free to contact me. thanks


  2. Thanks Jack, I fixed the link, now it is going the right way. And thanks for listing me on likesimon.

  3. well i see that you have fixed the link, and it’s going to campingcoop dot org. hey wait… dot org? is that dot com you wrote on your post Drew? 🙂

    haha.. it’s funny, hope i won’t need to leave a third comment for the other 🙂

    wow, you have a good network on your blog. could we have some link exchange Drew? 🙂 please let me know if you’re interested, and i will put all of your blogs into my blogroll 🙂 thanks.

  4. Jack, Good eyes on you there buddy. I hope you noticed that I have tagged you as well. A link exchange would be fine. Let me know what you were thinking of doing.

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